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Alan Shore

I have the utmost respect for the law. No, really.

8 June 1962
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"I'm an embezzler. We'll get lunch."

"does anybody wanna be anything
out of the ordinary?" asks the
instructor. the smartest kid
in class, who comes to school
drunk, raises his hand & says
"yes, sir. i'd like to be a
dollar sir"

(Disclaimer: RP journal for The Practice's (and Boston Legal's!) Alan Shore. I do not own him, although I do wish to marry him. Community can be found at theatrical_muse.)

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baseball, changing the subject, farming apples, hijacking conversations, hockey, legal nitpicking, myself, nearly getting disbarred, sarcasm, self-humiliation (apparently), sesquipedalianism, sewer fishing, synchronized scotch sipping, tempting fate